The Kindness of Actors

August 19, 2009

gift-wrapped-smallGenerosity: nobility of behavior. A year ago the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in cooperation with the Screen Actors Guild Residuals department began a campaign requesting that SAG members donate their small residuals to the SAG Foundation to support the many programs offered to members and their families.

In these difficult economic times the response to this campaign has been inspiring. The Foundation has received checks from $.01 to $150.00. The checks come with notations like: “It’s not much, but here it is,” “Why didn’t you do this years ago,” “I still feel connected to the business,” and “I wish it were a million.”

The checks come from members who have been acting for fifty years and those just starting their journey. There are names who are legends in the industry and those striving to become a legend. The Foundation receives residual donations from every state in the Union. All giving with the same purpose in mind.

Actors have a long history of giving: talent, performances, time, sweat, tears and even blood. Actors are always on the front lines of support, caring and giving. And once again actors have answered the call to help other actors in need of financial support, health care benefits, children’s literacy, community outreach and the simple gift of passing on their knowledge and experience to members beginning to establish their own career in a highly competitive profession.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is profoundly grateful to all the SAG members who have expressed their nobility of behavior by donating their residuals checks. We would also like to acknowledge the residuals department and the finance department for their cooperation in making this program possible.

You would be amazed at how the small (and not so small) amounts add up to the Foundation being able to continue to provide assistance to SAG members and their families. With help from our friends, we continue to “pay it forward”.