Courtney Celeste Takes Her Seat!

February 8, 2010

CourtneyC1smallWhen Courtney Celeste entered the SAG Foundation/Players Directory drawing for an engraved seat in the Foundation’s Actors Center, she had no idea she’d actually win. Yet, that’s exactly what happened, and along with her winning listing in their time-honored casting resource, the generous folks at Players Directory have made a $500 donation to the Actors Center, a tradition for the past three years.

This collaborative effort between the SAG Foundation and Players Directory is yet another way the two organizations serve actors while shining a spotlight on a career path that, for most actors, requires a tremendous amount of work and dedication, as evidenced by Courtney Celeste’s very own professional journey.

After arriving in Los Angeles five years ago, the Toledo, Ohio native has appeared in short films as well as the ABC Family series Greek, building up a resume already impressive with credits from Toledo Repertoire Theater and Ohio Theater – and all while maintaining her work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


Courtney’s listing in the Players Directory puts her in the visible, accessible company of hundreds of Oscar, Emmy and Tony award nominees and winners as well as thousands of other pro-active professional working actors, a perfect complement to the career knowledge she already receives from the non-profit SAG Foundation’s programs to assist, educate and inspire actors in career, life and community. A frequent Conversations and LifeRaft attendee, and now with a chair bearing a plaque engraved with her very own name, Courtney’s place in the Actors Center is as celebrated as the journey she travels.

At this time, twelve more seats in the Actors Center are available for naming opportunities, each ready for personalization with a tax-deductible $500 donation. Proceeds go directly to the Actors Center, the only resource center of its kind in Los Angeles where actors are able to network, use computer facilities, take workshops and attend seminars geared toward maximizing their professional potential. For more information regarding donation opportunities, please visit or call the SAG Foundation at (323) 549-6708.

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