Are You Ready for Pilot Season?

January 6, 2011

clapper1_0The SAG Foundation’s LifeRaft Live Stream program, in partnership with the Virtual Channel Network, presents a valuable – and timely – series of events for actors throughout January: Prep for Pilot Season 2011.

Thanks to Live Stream technology, actors with an Internet connection will be able to view, learn from, and participate in these events in real time via the links provided below.

For in-house attendance details, please visit the appropriate event entry on the SAG Foundation website. Otherwise, no log in is required for participation through Live Stream. During each event, questions may be emailed to the moderator at or through Twitter at #SAGF

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SAG Foundation LifeRaft Live Stream

in partnership with the

Virtual Channel Network


#1: Participating from Regional Markets

Thursday, January 13 th 6-8pm (Pacific)

Technology has revolutionized the way the industry casts television. With the advent of online casting and the ubiquitous nature of technology, is moving to Los Angeles to participate in pilot season even necessary… or are there effective ways to participate from the branches? Learn from local and regional casting directors and agents as to some ways regional market actors can effectively create Hollywood network acting opportunities using online casting innovations.

#2: Pilot Season in Hollywood

Thursday, January 20th 6-8pm (Pacific)

Pilot Season in Los Angeles is an exciting and unique time when the industry is often busier than ever. Learn what actors can expect – in terms of the number of actors auditioned per series regular role – including the best ways to obtain pilot season auditions. Glean foresight into the unique attributes of studio and network tests, including the intricacies of negotiated “test deal agreements”. When is there room for enhancements to an actor’s test deal agreement? Learn from Hollywood Agents, Casting Directors, and Talent Managers as to the details around the pilot season process and how to assemble and mobilize cohesive representation… so you can focus on performing your best work.

#3: Prep for Pilot Season: The Work

Thursday, January 27th 6-8pm (Pacific)

Pilot season can be a frenzy of phone calls, contracts, auditions, call backs, and tests… but what it all comes down to is the work. Remaining calm and focused on delivering A-list performances is never more important than during pilot season. This roster of A-list acting coaches will help recalibrate your audition technique so that you can give the best auditions possible this pilot season!