AEA Members Attend Q&A With Eileen Fulton

August 17, 2011


A Q&A Conversation with AEA member Eileen Fulton on June 16, 2011, sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and Women in the Arts & Media Coalition (WAM), drew members of Equity, AFTRA and SAG. Speaking to a full house in SAG’s Leon Janney Board Room, Ms. Fulton spoke on topics ranging from auditioning for theatre and film to the art of perseverance and maintain g career longevity. The event was moderated by AEA member and past President of WAM Coalition, Leslie Shreve.

is an ongoing event of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation where high-profile actors share career and industry experiences with audiences of union members

From: EquityNews July/August 2011 Volume 96 Number 6. Print.