Performance Capture Experts Share Their Knowledge

March 2, 2012


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Find out how to act for Performance Capture during this panel discussion with some of the top performers in the field.

Moderated by Ron Bottita, veteran of Mo Cap video games as well as over 45 live action films.

Panelists include:

Jacquie Barnbroook, Oscar winner and a BAFTA nominee for her short film The Chubbchubbs. A member of Bob Zemeckis performance Capture Troupe.

Julene Renee is James Cameron’s go to girl. She is the director of the ROM school for Performance Capture and has over 40 film credits.

Gary Roberts is a Virtual Production Supervisor. He has worked on all of Robert Zemeckis’ films and many others.

Simon Wells is a Director. He recently wrote and directed Disney’s big budget, performance capture film Mars Needs Moms.