Hayes on Hays: Robert Hays to Host SAG Foundation Fundraiser

August 22, 2014

ABC 7 | by Rob Hayes

Rob Hayes the Eyewitness News reporter meets Robert Hays the actor for the occasion of an upcoming fundraiser in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica’s Museum of Flying is soon to become a makeshift casino.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is getting ready for its annual Poker Classic fundraiser. This year’s theme is “Flying Aces,” and when you’re mixing Hollywood and airplanes, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear the host is actor Robert Hays, the star of the classic comedy “Airplane!”

Ordinarily, interviewing stars for a story like this isn’t an issue — until that star shares your name.

But the focus this weekend is on getting a full house — both literally and poker-wise. The gambling is set to raise money for the SAG Foundation’s Voice-Over Lab, where SAG members can:

“Practice their voice-over skills, work on auditions, do demos to send in, all that kind of stuff — for free,” says Hays.

Free — that’s why the SAG Foundation is hosting the fundraiser, and why Hays is getting all dolled up this weekend. Just in time for Saturday’s poker tournament.

There are plenty of familiar faces expected this year, and plenty of room for more players. But be sure to keep an eye on the tourney’s host, who has a knack for stealing scenes.