American Horror Story: Hotel’s Latest Casualty Had a “Blast” Getting Killed By Kathy Bates

November 6, 2015 | By Chris Harnik

Darren Criss

SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Darren Criss tangled with Kathy Bates on American Horror Story: Hotel and lived to tell the tale. Well, he lived to tell the tale, but not his character. E! News caught up with the Glee veteran at the SAG Foundation’s 30th Anniversary celebration (where he was also performing) and discussed all things AHS.

“It was a blast. I think when you watch stuff like that, you go, ‘This must be terrifying to shoot,’ but it’s the complete opposite when you’re in that room,” he told E! News.

Thanks to the crew guys, craft services and the general set atmosphere, Criss escaped unscathed, mentally.

“It’s kind of fun,” he said. “You get to do things that you would never do in real life—hopefully! I’m really hoping and praying nobody is going out stabbing anybody. That’s awful, that’s horrible. Don’t do that! But when it’s somebody like Kathy Bates—I don’t have to explain why she’s so amazing—doing this kind of stuff with you, it’s a blast.”

It’s true. There really is no explanation needed about Kathy Bates’ awesomeness. And now he joins a long line of people who have been in violent scenes with the Oscar winner. Huzzah!

Criss’ character, Justin, a hipster “tastemaker,” royally annoyed the now vampire-ish Iris (Bates). His requests really put her on edge and with the urging of Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare), Iris kills Justin and his girlfriend, but not before feeding them cat food. Yum.

Click play on the video above for more from Criss about earning his SAG card and going toe-to-toe with the American Horror Story: Hotel star.