Request a BookPAL

Research proves that reading aloud to a child improves listening comprehension skills, builds a capacity for critical thinking, increases vocabulary and context knowledge and sparks a positive association with reading.

Are you a teacher looking for a professional storyteller for your classroom?

BookPALS are available to read in schools in Florida, Los Angeles Unified School District and New York City Schools.

If you are interested in a BookPALS volunteer for your classroom, please submit the form and the Local Literacy Program Manager will contact you.

How BookPALS Works:


Literacy Program Manager

  • Develops relationship with school district and establishes a partnership
  • Communicates with point of contact at school to confirm classroom(s) for volunteer(s)
  • Connects BookPALS volunteer with point of contact via email
  • Assists with trouble-shooting and scheduling issues


Partner School

  • Principal agrees for school to participate in BookPALS program and assigns point of contact
  • Point of contact/teacher coordinates weekly schedule with BookPALS volunteers
  • Teacher completes program survey at close of each semester


BookPALS Volunteer

  • Coordinates weekly schedule with school point of contact
  • Reads 30 minutes/per week/per class /per semester
  • Logs hours every week
  • Communicates any changes in schedule or availability
  • Completes program survey at close of each semester