COVID-19 Relief Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

We updated our FAQs on June 1, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our staff are all working from home and we have a limited ability to answer individual questions.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers that should help you find your way.

Union Questions

Can we have our dues payment deadline pushed back?

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation is not the union. We’re the non-profit organization that offers education and assistance to SAG-AFTRA members. For questions regarding your membership and dues, you’ll need to contact SAG-AFTRA to answer this question. See the back of your member ID card. You can also find contact information through their website.


Is SAG-AFTRA able to extend our health insurance coverage due to these circumstances?

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation is not the union. We’re the non-profit organization that offers education and assistance to SAG-AFTRA members. For questions regarding insurance, you will need to contact SAG-AFTRA P&H. You can also find contact information through their website.


What opportunities do you have for non-union actors?

We do have a YouTube archive of many of our past programs which is available to everyone regardless of union status. You can find this archive here.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Grants

Who is eligible to receive these grants?

Any SAG-AFTRA member paid up to October 2019 is eligible to apply for relief, and documentation will be required to prove the urgent need. Learn more here.


Is it for child actors too?

Our Disaster Relief program is open to actors of all ages. Learn more here.


How do I apply for a Disaster Relief grant?

We have a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund for eligible SAG-AFTRA members in urgent need. For more information and to apply, please visit our COVID-19 Relief Fund page on our website. This program is being administered by the social workers at the Actors Fund for us. Please follow the instructions on our website and complete the application as well as have all documents required when you submit your claim as incomplete information will only slow down your processing and that of others.


Are the SAG-AFTRA Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund and the Actors Fund Relief program the same?

These are two separate funds with different eligibility requirements but both are being administered by the Actors Fund. SAG-AFTRA Foundation Disaster Relief requirements are based on paid dues through October 2019 and financial urgency shown through proper documentation.

Actors Fund Relief eligibility requirements can be found on their website.


Can I speak to someone immediately about my situation?

Unfortunately, with thousands of members in similar circumstances, we are not able to handle the volume of calls. Learn more about our Relief Fund here.


Have you received my application? I haven’t heard anything yet.

We are currently receiving thousands of requests for aid and are working to process applications as fast as we can. Applications are taking approximately one week to process. Please be patient as the case workers are working tirelessly to handle the extreme volume at this time. There is no way to check the current status of your application. But we promise you someone will get back to you when your case is being reviewed.


I submitted a form online for COVID-19 disaster financial assistance, but did not upload the documentation. Can I reapply?

Please do not reapply, we are receiving thousands of applications every week. If you have submitted an application without documentation do not reapply, a worker will reach out to you when your application is being processed.


I am out of work but can pay bills for another month or so. At what point should I apply?

We encourage you to wait to submit your application until you have all required documentation which will show you are in immediate need. Please do not apply if you are not already unable to pay bills.


How will I receive the grant funds?

Grants will be distributed via Chase Quick Pay. You will receive an email requesting transfer information for Chase Quick Pay. Please exercise all normal caution when giving out your information.

Concerns about COVID-19 Relief Fundraising

Why are you asking for a donation when I need help?

The Foundation wants all SAG-AFTRA members to know that we are here to help. If you need help, ask. Please visit our COVID-19 Relief Fund page for more information. 


Are A-List actors making donations to support those less fortunate?

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation operates solely on grants and donations and many of the industry’s top earners are supporting the Foundation, however the need is great. With over 100,000 actors out of work, our Disaster Relief Fund will need multiple millions of dollars to help those in need, so every dollar counts. If you need help ask, if you can help, give.