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Casting Access Online Classes are currently available to everyone regardless of location. The format of each online class is dictated by the casting director host. Refer to the event page for each specific class for further details. Please check out our Program Calendar frequently as opportunities are added weekly. Learn more about our remote programming on our FAQ page.

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Casting Access Online program offers SAG-AFTRA members who reside in cities other than Los Angeles and New York the opportunity to participate in online casting classes with notable casting directors from across the U.S.

To qualify for Casting Access Online, you must be an active SAG-AFTRA member in good standing who does not reside in Los Angeles or New York and have completed the Casting Access Online application. The Casting Access Online application is available 24/7 through the member portal. To become eligible, users must complete the online application.

When a new Casting Access Online class is announced, eligible performers RSVP to request a space in the class and are added to the class on a first-come/first-served basis. Confirmed participants will be notified by e-mail.

The date listed for the class is the day enrollment and cancellation close, and your headshots are sent to the casting director. Later that week, participants will receive sides specially selected for them by the participating casting director and then will have until the deadline to rehearse, record, and upload a video containing your performance of the sides. Finally, the casting director will review your video and provide feedback.

Due to high demand, eligible performers may only participate in one Casting Access Online class every 90 days.

Internet access is required for participation. Each participant must have a YouTube account as well as access to a video camera and the means to digitize, compress, and upload a short video to the internet.

Casting Access Online also offers Live Online classes in locals across the United States a few times a year. In this form of Casting Access Online, actors will get a unique opportunity to perform and video chat with the specified casting director. Prior to the actual event, actors will prepare their own scene for the class. Then, at the venue they will participate in a Q&A and reading with the CD. Actors will perform one by one via video chat, then receive feedback on their performances.



Florence Le Bas
Associate Program Manager

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Casting Access Online is free for SAG-AFTRA members and made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships.