Salon Reading Series

Sponsored in partnership with The New School for Drama, the SAG Foundation Salon Reading Series is an innovative showcase of new screenplays and television pilots held on an annual basis in New York City. Created to encourage and empower actors to create their own work, the Salon is a safe environment for union performers to engage with working writers and directors in an intimate setting.

For consideration, email a synopsis of your original, unproduced screenplay to the New York Salon Reading Series.

We look forward to reading your work!

Note that due to the high volume of screenplays annually received, we are unable to respond individually to all script queries.

Previous selections for the Salon Reading Series include:

June 2014: “Wolf Island” by writer Tim O’Leary and co-creator Josh Berresford (TV Pilot), dir. Michelle Bossy

On a sultry, mysterious Caribbean island, an ancient war between man and beast ignites when two young historians join forces with a ragtag group of insurgents who are locked in combat with a pack of vicious werewolves.

March 2013: “Not My Beautiful Wife” by John Yarbrough (screenplay), dir. Jesse Motherhead

When a major celebrity acting couple’s marriage is on the brink — but the man refuses to go into sex therapy to save it — they send his down-on-his luck brother and her assistant in to do the therapy for them. But when the brother and assistant fall in love during therapy, it’s no longer clear where posing ends and reality begins.