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Categories Include:

Agents • Auditions • Career Development • Casting • Content Creation • Contracts • Craft • Dance/Choreography • Diversity, Equity, Representation • Finances • Journey of the Working Actor • Legal • Personal Growth • Self-Promotion •  Stunt Performers • Theater • Voiceover • Workplace Safety • Young Performer



An Evening with Commercial Agents

Commercial agents: David Ziff, Julie Gudz, Hugh Leon, Alicia Ruskin and Brad Diffley

Understanding the Role of the Commercial Agent

Agents: Robin Harrington, Gloria Hinojosa, Stuart K. Robinson and Janet Tscha

General Info

End of the Year Reflection Series: Part Three – Agents/Managers

John Kelly (agent), Budd Burton Moss (manager), David Shaul (agent), Marilyn Szatmary (agent)

Evening with Agents

Agents: Jaime Ferrar, Robin Harrington, Mark Measures and Angela Strange

Nurturing the Actor-Agent Relationship

Agents: Irene Cabrera, Erica Bines; Actors: Ceasar Fernando Barajas, Clifton Davis



How to Self-Tape Auditions: Part Two – Post Production

Markus Lodewyk (former SAF Technical Production Manager)

Success in Self-Taping

Casting directors: Rick Messina, Meg Morman, Shayna Sherwood


How to Nail Your Shakespeare Audition

Melinda Hall (actor, director, producer), Ian Hersey (actor, director, coach), Tom Ridgely (director, educator)

Prepping for Pilot Season: Audition Technique

Howard Fine (educator, coach), Margie Haber (educator, coach), Lesly Kahn (educator, coach) Warner Loughlin (educator, coach)

Career Development

Career Stages

Balancing Parenthood and an Acting Career

Perfomers: Brandon J. Dirden, Selenis Leyva, Valisa Tate

Foregrounding the Background: The Life of a Background Actor

Jesse Heiman (actor), Jeff Olan (CD), Ron Ostrow (actor, SAG-AFTRA National Board member), Dixie Webster-Davis (CD), Fatna Sallak-Williams (SAG-AFTRA Background Actors Department director)

Life of a TV Guest Star

Actors: Jordan Black, Larry Hankin, Tara Karsian, Fred Stoller, Jim Turner

Re-Energizing Creative Career Options In Your 40s and Beyond

Actors: Mary Ann Biewener, Nancy Linari, Sandra Dee Robinson; stunt performer: Joel Landi

General Info

Walking in LA

Ed Begley Jr. (actor, environmental leader), Enci Box (actor, writer, community activist), Cindy Marie Jenkins (writer, speaker, consultant), Cathy Reinking (casting director), Alissa Walker (journalist)

Working in the UK

John Barclay (Head of Recorded Media, Equity UK), Pippa Harrison (casting professional), Kattie Kotok (Executive Vice President of US Production for the British Film Commission), Malcom Sinclair (former President Equity UK)


How to Pitch Yourself

Donna DeStefano (talent manager), Donna McKenna (casting director), Deborah Twiss (director, actor)

Let Me Introduce You! How to Network and Promote Yourself

Louise Grainger (Equity UK), Pippa Harrison (casting professional)

Relationship-Building: “It’s All About Who You Know”

Destiny Lilly (CD), Liz Kimball (director, writer, coach), Pulkit Datta (producer, writer, director)

Parallel Careers

Sideline and Parallel Careers to Support Artistic Aspirations

Peter Katona (actor), Aliza Pearl (actor, writer), Elizabeth Sampson (actor, arts administrator), Scott Alan Smith (director)

Starting a Small Business – Discovering the Entrepreneur in You

Catherine Grooms (College of the Canyons SBDC), Tora Brown (College of the Canyons SBDC), Carolynne Warren (actor, small business owner), Gary Corbin (actor, small business owner), Sam Younnis (actor, small business owner)

Planning and Growth

Applying for Fellowships for Performers

Emilya Cachaparo (arts administrator), Diana Kemppainen (arts administrator)

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

Ryan Basham (producer, coach), Oona Mekas (actor, film curator), Daisy Swan (career expert, strategist, coach), Ben Whitehair (actor, entrepreneur)

Hacking Your Actor Life: Actor Productivity

Jodie Bentley (entrepreneur, career coach), Heidi Levitt (actor, entrepreneur), Kevin E. West (actor, author, entrepreneur), Ben Whitehair ((actor, entrepreneur)

Professionalism and Etiquette

Actor Professionalism and Etiquette

Anya Adams (director), Jolene Kay (actor, audition session runner), Diane Robin (actor), Jennifer York (commercial talent agent)

Presenting Your Best Professional Self in Meetings & Auditions

Gabrielle Kachman (agent), Jenna Winnett (agent), Paul Schnee (CD), Carol Nadell (former CD)



Commercial Casting Directors Panel

Casting directors: Danielle Eskinazi, Beth Holmes, Ross Lacy


2013 Artios Awards Nominees: Features

Casting directors: Denise Chamian, Lora Kennedy, John Papsidera, Ronnie Yeskel

2013 Spirit Awards Nominees: Casting Directors

Casting directors: Danielle Aufiero, Amber Horn, Julia Kim

2014 Artios Award Nominees: Feature Film Casting Directors

Casting directors: Kerry Barden, Rich Delia, Angela Demo, Richard Hicks, Howard Meltzer

2014 Artios Awards Nominees: Short Film & Web Series Casting Directors

Casting directors: Matthew Lessall, Mike Page, Linda Phillips Palo, Michael Sanford

2014 Spirit Awards Nominees: Casting Directors

Casting directors: Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd, John Jackson

Excellence in Casting: Film Independent Spirit Awards

Casting directors: Lois Drabkin, Liz Ortiz Mackes, Paul Schnee

General Info

An Evening with Casting Directors

Casting directors: Ronna Kress, Mindy Marin, Jeanne McCarthy, Vicki Thomas

Business of Acting: The Inside Scoop on Casting

Wes Studi (actor), Rene Haynes (CD), Kathryn Zamora-Benson (CD), DeLanna Studi (actor)

End of the Year Reflection Series: Part Two – Casting Directors

Joseph Middleton (CD), Beth Klein (CD), Randi Hiller (CD)

Excellence In Casting: 2020 Artios Awards Nominees

Lindsay Graham Ahanonu, Mary Vernieu, Jamie Sparer Roberts, John Papsidera, Linda Lamontagne, Seth Caskey

Excellence In Casting: 2020 Artios Awards Nominees

Ania O’Hare, Josh Einsohn, Matthew Lessall, Kerry Barden, Susan Shopmaker, Kevin Reher

Excellence in Casting: 2020 Artios Awards Nominees

Casting directors: Amelia McCarthy, Caitlin Jones, Kate Sprance

Excellence in Casting: An Evening with 2014 Artios Nominees

Casting directors: David Caparelliotis, Michael Cassara, Mark Saks

Excellence in Casting: An Evening with 2013 Artios Nominees

Casting directors: David Caparelliotis, Michael Cassara, Mark Saks

The Film/TV/Theater Crossover: Part One – Casting Directors

Casting director: Nicole Arbusto, Chemin Bernard, Jami Rudofsky


2015 Artios Awards Nominees: TV Comedy Casting Directors

Casting directors: Eyde Belasco, Tracy Lilienfield

2015 Artios Awards Nominees: TV Drama Casting Directors

Casting directors: Sharon Bialy, Leah Daniel Butler, Linda Lowy, Laray Mayfield, Sherry Thomas

Excellence in Casting: 2017 Artios Awards Nominees – Television

Casting directors: Rori Bergman, Allison Estrin, Kim Miscia

Excellence in Casting: An Evening with 2017 Emmy Nominees

Casting directors: Carmen Cuba, Tiffany Little Canfield, John Papsidera, Rachel Tenner

Excellence in Casting: An Evening with 2019 Emmy Nominees

Casting directors: David Rubin, Rachel Tenner, Dorian Frankel

Excellence in Casting: The Primetime Emmys Awards

Casting directors: Mark Saks, Julie Tucker, Ross Meyerson

Prepping for Pilot Season: Casting Associates

Casting professionals: Gohar Gazazyan, Ty Harman, Mike Page, Troy Daniel Smith, Eric Souliere

Prepping for Pilot Season: Casting Directors

Casting directors: Sharon Bialy, Wendy O’ Brien, Richard Hicks, Seth Yanklewitz

Prepping for Pilot Season: Casting Directors (2nd Panel)

Casting directors: Patrick Baca, Amy Jo Berman, Krisha Bullock, Fern Champion, Howard Meltzer


2015 Artios Awards Nominees: Los Angeles Theater Casting Directors

Casting directors: Michael Donovan, Beth Lipari, Mark B. Simon

Excellence in Casting: 2019 Tony-Nominated Productions

Casting directors: David Caparelliotis, Rachel Hoffman, Merri Sugarman, Paul Schnee, Benton Whitley

Content Creation

Digital Content

Interactive Storytelling: The Evolving Form of Video Games

Logan Cunningham (voiceover artist), Sarah Elmaleh (voiceover artist), Navid Khonsari (producer/pioneer), Chase Marotz (narrative designer), Charles J Pratt (game designer)

Storytelling in Virtual Reality: A Look at Emerging Immersive Entertainment

Tai Crosby (CEO of SilVR Thread), Chris Edwards (CEO of The Third Floor), Angela Haddad (VR Creative Director), Keight Leighn (actor), Matt Thompson (writer, director)

Tales From the New Media Front – Content Creators Share Their Secrets

Yuri Baranovsky (producer), Mark Gantt (actor, creator) Ian Moffitt (creative executive), Helenna Santos-Levy (actor, producer, writer)

The Funny Females Dominating Content Creation and New Hollywood

Hannah Hart (entertainer, author), Laura Clery (actor, content creator), Ashly Perez (producer, actor, writer)

Transmedia Storytelling for Indie Filmmakers

Jeff Gomez (producer, storyworld designer, multiplatform entertainment), Ingrid Kopp (producer, media professional), Steve Coulson (creator, new media marketing solutions), Jim Babb (digital innovation and strategy consultant), Andrea Phillips (transmedia writer, game designer, author)


A Woman’s Right to Shoot

Karyn Kusama (director), Zoe Lister-Jones (actor, filmmaker), Tina Mabry (filmmaker, writer), Meera Menon (writer, director, editor)

Alternative Funding & Distribution Methods

Aron Gaudet (writer, director), Gita Pullapilly (writer, director), Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (actor, writer, director), Chad Villella (actor, writer, director)

Collaboration in Indie Filmmaking

Sabine Hoffman (editor), Max Avery Lichtenstein (film composer), Patrick Wang (filmmaker), Nicholas Greene (filmmaker), Eric Lin (cinematographer)

End of the Year Reflection Series: Part One – Film Producers

Producers: Chay Carter, David Klawans Judi Levine, Sean McKittrick

Excellence in Indie Filmmaking: Nominees for the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Ingrid Jungermann (director), Melody C Roscher (producer) Josh Locy (writer, director), Mike S. Ryan (producer)

Independent Film Producing Series: Distribution

Erin Owens (theatrical distribution), Linzee Troubh (film sales), Kelly Kocinski Trager (entertainment law), Reinaldo Marcus Green (filmmaker)

Independent Film Producing Series: Financing

Sue Devine (entertainment professional), Elisabeth Holm (filmmaker), Michael Hansen (film financing), Courtney Harge (producer, arts administrator), Marc Jacobson (entertainment law)

Independent Film Producing Series: Pre-Production

Producers: Kevin Comer, Susan Dynner, Fredrick Thornton

Independent Film Producing Series: Production

Producers: Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Jennifer Dubin, Matthew Hsus

Independent Film Producing Series: Post-Production

Producers: Sebastian Dungan, Shaun O’Banion, Jeff Castelluccio

Made in NY: Excellence in Indie Filmmaking

Rashaad Ernesto Green (filmmaker), Chiemi Karasawa (filmmaker), Celine Rattray (filmmaker), Ira Sachs (filmmaker), Paul Schnee (casting director)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: PRE-PRODUCTION

Timothy Cooper (filmmaker, playwright, comedy writer), Elaine Del Valle (actor, creator), Christopher Poindexter (media attorney, filmmaker), Michael Sládek (writer, filmmaker)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: PRODUCTION

Jayce Bartok (actor, filmmaker), Ashley Connor (director of photography), Shahir Daud (writer, director), Bianca Jamotte Leroux (actor, creator), Kiara C Jones (writer, director, producer)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: POST-PRODUCTION

Simon Taufique (producer, composer), Raj Trivedi (writer, director, producer), Robert Grigsby Wilson (editor), Mridu Chandra (writer, filmmaker)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: RELEASE & PROMOTION

Timothy Cooper (filmmaker, playwright, comedy writer), Megan Costello (film curator), Pulkit Datta (writer, director, producer)

Producing 101

Karin Chien (producer), Nina Leidersdorff (producer), Ace Marerro (actor, producer), Kate Roughan (producer)

She Shoots, She Scores: Director-Composer Collaboration

Morgan Kibby (composer), Lillie Rebecca McDonough (composer), Quinn Shephard (filmmaker), Allyson Newman (composer), Karen Johnson (producer)

Smartphone Filmmaking

Ricky Fosheim (filmmaker), Erika Heidewald (actor, filmmaker), Luis Eduardo Juarez (filmmaker), Michael Koerbel (filmmaker)

Submitting to Film Festivals

Film festival curators: Janet Pierson, Adam Montgomery, Roya Rastegar

The Business Online: Content Created in Quarantine

Grasie Mercedes (actor-filmmaker), Matthew Law (actor-filmmaker), Piyali Syam (actor-filmmaker), Vick Krishna (actor-filmmaker)

The Independent Filmmaker

Raphael Kryszek (producer), Jen McGowan (director), Patrick Renna (actor, producer), Tommy Savas (actor, producer)

The Legal Process for Independent Filmmakers

Kathy Heller (Professor and Executive Director of the Entertainment Law Program, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law)

The Nuts and Bolts of Indie Filmmaking

Kathy Heller (entertainment law), DeMille Halliburton (insurance industry leader), Josh Mingo (permit operations), Daniel Willett (contracts and marketing administrator)


How to Pitch Your Project

Reinaldo Marcus Green (filmmaker), Jonathan Lomma (agent), Celine Rattray (producer) Austin Stark (writer, director, producer)

SHOWLAUNCHER: Perfecting the Pitch

Patrick Jager (TV executive)

Television and Webseries

Running the Show: A Big Picture Conversation on Creating for the Small Screen

Show runners, executive producers: Courtney Kemp Agboh, Blair Breard, Anya Epstein, Barbara Hall, Michelle King, Stephanie Laing

SHOWLAUNCHER: The Meeting & The Deal

Patrick Jager (TV executive)

SHOWLAUNCHER: Understanding the Marketplace

Patrick Jager (TV executive)

Storytellers for the Web: Original Content to Open Your Own Door

Digital creators: Scott Broock, Joshua Cohen, David-Michel Davies; Susan Miller (writer, producer), Mike O’Gorman (performer, creator)

Tell Your Story: A Multi-Hyphenate’s Guide to Creating Your Own Series

Conan Smith (television packaging agent ), Josh Poole (producer, creative development), Cole Escola (actor, creator), Ana Fabrega (actor, creator), Daniel K. Isaac (actor, creator)


AND THE NOMINEES ARE… A Conversation with 2016 WGA Awards Television Nominees

Screenwriters: Kim Caramele, Sam Esmail, Dan Lyons, Adam Rapp, Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields

AND THE NOMINEES ARE… A Conversation with 2017 Writers Guild Awards Television Nominees

Screenwriters: Ben Robbins, Robert Smigel, Tracey Scott Wilson, Tami Sagher

AND THE NOMINEES ARE… A Conversation with the 2020 WGA Award TV/New Media Nominees

Screenwriters: Steven Levenson, Becky Mode, Allison Silverman, Michael Slade, Tim Greenberg, and Amy Sherman-Palladino & Dan Palladino

AND THE NOMINEES ARE…2018 Writers Guild Awards Comedy/Variety Nominees

Screenwriters: Subhah Agarwa, Ashley Nicole Black, Emmy Blotnick, Zhubin Parang, Seth Reiss

Depicting Reality: From Life to Screen

Andrew Ahn (filmmaker), Drake Doremus (writer, director), Justin Tipping (writer, director), Elizabeth Wood (director)

Excellence in Indie Filmmaking: 2019 Spirit Award Nominees – Best First Screenplay

Filmmakers: Jennifer Fox, Cory Finley, Quinn Shephard, Laurie Shephard

Hyphenate!: Becoming an Actor-Writer

Syd Field (screenwriter), Karl Iglesias (screenwriter, author), Matt Price (actor-writer), Allyn Rachel (actor-writer), Patrick Carlyle (actor-writer)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

Rich Hollman (actor, improviser, producer), Heidi Marshall (director, coach, former CD), Johnny Sanchez (actor, writer, producer)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: IDEA GENERATION

Kaitlin Fontana (writer, producer), Leslie Meisel (actor, writer), Ela Thier (writer, filmmaker)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: REWRITES & POLISHING

Diana Amsterdam (playwright, screenwriter), Caytha Jentis (filmmaker), Susan Miller (playwright, screenwriter)

Penning, Producing, & Performing Your First Short: STORYTELLING

Timothy Cooper (filmmaker, playwright, comedy writer), Zack Phillips (screenwriter), Keisha Zollar (performer, screenwriter)

Playwrights Writing for TV

Sheldon Candis (producer, writer, director), Megan Griffiths (producer, director), Meg Morman (casting director), Rene Ridinger (creative executive), Peter Trinh (agent)

Playwrights Writing for TV

Playwrights/screenwriters: Bekah Brunstetter, Nick Jones, Molly Smith Metzler, Steve Yockey


General Info

SAG-AFTRA Commercial Contracts

Eddie Barnes (Senior Business Representative, SAG-AFTRA), Beth Haynes (Manager, Commercials, SAG-AFTRA), Tracy Hyman (Senior Business Representative, SAG-AFTRA)

SAG-AFTRA Residuals

Jennifer Gaudry (National Director, SAG-AFTRA Residuals Claims), Valery Kotik (National Director, SAG-AFTRA Residuals Processing, Trusts & Estates)

SAG-AFTRA TV and Theatrical Contracts

SAG-AFTRA staff: Dan Bowser (Senior Manager, Television Contracts), Lon Huber (Senior Business Representative, Theatrical Contracts), Beth Millman (National Director Television Contracts), Olga Rodriquez-Aguirre (National Director Theatrical Contracts)


Character Development

Creating the Character with Costume Designers

Costume designers: Christine Bieselin Clark, Trayce Field, Salvador Perez, Mary Vogt

Embody the Role: Building Character through Movement and Physicality

David Bridel (director, choreographer), Sarah Elgart (director, choreographer), Vincent Paterson (director, choreographer), Jean-Louis Rodrigue (coach, teacher)

Experiencing the Other: Accessing Empathy Through Acting

Diana Castle (educator, mentor), Dorit Cypis (artist, educator, mediator), Dr. Lisa Aziz-Zadeh (professor)

Directors & Editors on Acting

Directors on Acting: TV Comedy

Directors: Payman Benz, Ryan Case, Nisha Ganatra, Jay Karas

Directors on Acting: TV Drama

Directors: Rob Bowman, Tanya Hamilton, Tawnia McKiernan, Tom Verica

Editors on Acting: Feature Film

Editors: John Axelrad, ACE, Maysie Hoy, ACE, Michael Jablow, ACE, Carol Littleton, ACE

Editors on Acting: TV Half-Hour Comedy

Editors: Kabir Akhtar, Catherine Haight, David Helfand, Sandra Montiel, Steven Sprung

Editors on Acting: TV One Hour Drama

Editors: Lisa Bromwell A.C.E., Jill D’Agnenica, Monty DeGraff, Gregory T. Evans, and Jordan Goldman, A.C.E.

The Film/TV/Theater Crossover: Part Three – Actors

Actors: Tony Amendola, Gigi Bermingham, Peggy Blow, Dakin Matthews

The Film/TV/Theater Crossover: Part Two – Directors

Directors: Paul Lazarus, Tom Moore, Oz Scott

Translating Feedback: Turning Direction into Action

Billy O’Leary (actor, teacher), Allen Martinez (director), Dave Reifsnyder (actor, commercial session director), Caryn West (actor, teacher)


“Must Have Strong Improv Skills”

Stephanie Courtney (actor), Michael Donovan (CD), Robert Cohen (writer-producer-director)

Improv & Sketch Comedy: Part One – Training

David Jahn (improviser), George McAuliffe (improviser, teacher), Johnny Meeks (improviser, writer), Doug Morency (improviser, actor, director), Miles Stroth (improviser, director)

Improv & Sketch Comedy: Part Two – Happy Teams

Heather Anne Campbell (improviser, writer), Colton Dunn (improviser, writer), Gian Molina (improviser, actor), Mindy Sterling (improviser, actor)

Improv & Sketch Comedy: Part Three – Production & Promotion

Michael Busch (improviser, actor, producer), Brian Gallivan (improviser, writer), Kristen Studard (improviser, writer)

Skills and Technique

Breath and Voice: Vocal Health, Technique and the Creative Connection

Dr. Linda Dahl (otolaryngologist, surgeon), Jane Guyer Fujita (voice, speech, dialect coach), Kristen Linklater (actor, author, educator), Deric Rosenblatt (educator, performer)

How to Perform in a Horror Film

Harley Kaplan (casting director), Kim Plumridge (acting teacher), Jay Van Hoy (producer)

Memorization for Performers

Joel de la Fuente (actor), Chester Santos (memory athlete), Lisa Son (professor)

Performing in Live Broadcast Musicals

Rob Ashford (director, choreographer), Actors: Christiane Noll, Noah Robbins, Shanice Scales-Williams and Judine Somerville

Voice and Dialect for Film and Television

Dialect coach: Amy Chaffee, Bob Corff, Susan Hegarty; Barbara Houseman (Voice Department at the Royal Shakespeare Company)


General Info

Dancers Forum IV: Summation and Special Guest Panel

Toni Basil (choreographer, director, producer), Tina Landon (Emmy®-award nominated creative director & choreographer), Nigel Lythgoe (executive producer), Julio ‘Lil’ Cesar’ Rivas (original b-boy pioneer, founder of first Hip Hop School of the Arts), Lula Washington (founder and artistic director of Lula Washington Dance Theatre), Laura Zucker (executive director, Los Angeles County Arts Commission)

Dancers Forum: Stepping Up – Branching Out

Liz Imperio (choreographer, director), Chuck Maldonado (choreographer), Julie McDonald (talent agent), Draico Johnson (choreographer), Jamal Sims (choreographer, director), Alice Alyse (dancer, arts leader)

Diversity, Equity, Representation

General Info

A Dialogue with the Immigrant Arts Coalition

Theater professionals: Christopher Massimine, Ayse Eldek-Richardson, Chongren Fan

Acting Beyond Stereotypes: Middle Eastern & South Asian Actors Breaking the Mold

Actors: Aline Elasmar, Azita Ghanizada, Maz Jobrani, Aasif Mandvi, Navid Negahban

Asian American Actors on the Stage

Actors: Joel de la Fuente, Francis Jue, Greta Lee, James Saito

Beyond Cholos and Chicas: Latinos in 21st Century Hollywood

Presentation: Dr. Stacy L. Smith (Associate Professor of Communication; Founder and Director, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative), Cristela Alonzo (actor), Carmen Cuba (casting director), Nicholas Gonzalez (actor), Jenn Vigil (talent developer, producer)

Casting Away the Cliches

Chum Ehelepola, Jandiz Estrada Cardoso, Fern Orenstein, Brett Maline, Peachy Pascual, Erik Rivera

Changing Landscapes: An Evening with Female Directors

Neema Barnette (director, producer), Liz Diamond (director, educator), Leigh Silverman (director), Rose Troche (writer, director, producer), Claudia Weill (director)

Female Leadership in the Industry

Beth Janson (former Executive Director, Tribeca Film Institute), Pat Mitchell (former President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media), Debra Zimmerman (Executive Director, Women Make Movies)

LGBT in Entertainment: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Town Hall

Dan Bucatinsky (actor), M. V. Lee Badgett (Williams Institute scholar, leadership), Jody L. Herman (Williams Institute leadership), Gary Riotto (actor, director and writer), Traci Godfrey (actor, advocate), Jason Stuart (actor, comedian), Dana Kristen Vahle (pilot, aerial coordinator), Adam Moore (former National Director of EEO & Diversity, SAG-AFTRA), Duncan Crabtree-Ireland (chief operating officer and general counsel for SAG-AFTRA)

Made in NY: African American Actors

Actors: Uzo Aduba, Tawny Cypress, Peter Jay Fernandez, Montego Glover

New Voices, New Stories: Creating Opportunities

Allen Maldonado (actor, writer, entrepreneur) James Chen (actor, filmmaker), Sunita Mani (actress, dancer, comedian)

Reframing the Conversation of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian Characters

Actors: Amr El-Bayoumi, René Ifrah, Sheetal Sheth, Mourad Zaoui, Maysoon Zayid

Shakespeare & Gender: Are All Roles Fair Play?

Candy Buckley (actor), Maulik Pancholy (actor), Ed Sylvanus Iskander (director), Jean E. Howard (professor, scholar)


Planning and Strategy

Assets for Income: Building a Revenue Stream Drip by Drip

David Maurice Sharp (financial literacy expert)

Fiscal Health: How to Be a Smart & Savvy Saver

David Maurice Sharp (financial literacy expert)

NYC Home-Buying 101 for Actors

Kristin Cantwell (actor, real estate agent), Zack Tolmie (lending officer)

The Business Online: Assessing Financial Healthy & Strategy

David Maurice Sharp (financial literacy expert), Dominic Comperatore (entertainment tax preparer)

Understanding the Components of an Actor’s Retirement Portfolio

David Maurice Sharp (financial literacy expert), Bailie Slevin (financial consultant), Arthur Bradford (SAG-AFTRA Pension & Health Manager New York Office), Lynnell Herzer (supervisor, Seniors and Disabled Program, Actors Fund)


Take the Fear Out of Filing

Independent tax professional: Jordana Capra, Pati Lauren

Tax Returns and the Working Actor

Sandra Karas (actor, attorney)

Journey of the Working Actor


Conversations with Working Actors

Carolyn Hennesy, Nora Kirkpatrick, Windell Middlebrooks, Valery Ortiz, Marisa Ramirez, Chuti Tiu, Oscar Torre

Conversations with Working Actors

Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Shawn Hatosy, Suzy Nakamura, Abigail Spencer

Conversations with Working Actors

Matty Cardarople, Marcuis W Harris, Sam Lerner, Paula Malcomson, Danielle Pinnock, Jeff Ward

End of the Year Reflection Series: Part Four – Actors

Actors: L. Scott Caldwell, Lee Garlington, Eve Gordon, Mo McRae, Romy Rosemont, Illia Volok

Journey of the Working Actor

Actors: Jayne Atkinson, Donna Lynne Champlin, Colman Domingo, Michel Gil, LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Journey of the Working Actor

Actors: David Dean Bottrell, Michael Potts, Amy Hargreaves, Michael Cyril Creighton, Margaret Colin

Journey of the Working Actor

Actors: Tim Blake Nelson, Rosalind Chao, Sharon Lawrence, Clyde Kusatsu


General Info

Visa Work Out

Kate L. Raynor (immigration attorney), Jessica Pritikin (attorney), Alicia Hill (attorney)

Personal Growth

Mental and Physical Health

Building Resilience: Bouncing Back from Misstep & Misfortune

Katja Esson (filmmaker), Amy Gross (Mindfulness meditation educator), Freddie Kimmel (singer, actor, dancer), Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (Positive Psychology speaker & educator)

Meditation for the Performing Artist

Emily Fletcher (meditation teacher), Barrett Foa (actor), Ryan Weiss (meditation teacher), Bradley Raider (meditation teacher)

Release & Recovery from Intense Roles

Dr. Thalia Goldstein (professor, researcher), Carl Hendrick Louis (actor), Erin B. Mee (director), Jessica Pimentel (actor), Elizabeth Reese (licensed mental health counselor)

Superheroes to Soldiers: Physically Training for a Role

Health and fitness professionals: Ashley Borden, Duffy Gaver, Harley Pasternak, Paul Vincent

Taming the Inner Critic

Penelope Brackett (master career coach), Dian Killian (coach, Nonviolent Communicator trainer), Debbie Millman (writer, designer, podcast host)

The Business Online: Mental Health and Resiliency During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Kristine Oller (coach, strategist), Mitra Manesh (mindfulness thought leader), Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (Positive Psychology speaker & educator), Joan Pastor, Ph.D (psychologist)

The Mind-Body Connection: Sustaining Energy for a Performer’s Career

Dan Bernstein (sleep specialist), Andrea Chernus (nutritionist), Donald Garrity (nutritionist), Brooke Lieb (Alexander Technique teacher), Amanbir Singh (Kundalini Yoga instructor)

The Self-Destructive Creative Artist

Dr. Cheryl Arutt. Psy.D (clinical & forensic psychology), David Lisonbee (CEO, Twin Town Treatment Centers) Dr. Drew Pinsky, M.D. (practicing physician)


Developing Positive Habits

Anthony Abeson, David Diamond (director, coach), Adoree Durayappah-Harrison (author, academic), Dr. Richard O’Connor (psychotherapist, author)

Embracing Uncertainty

Jeffrey Davis (author, creative entrepreneur), Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (Positive Psychology speaker & educator), David Dean Bottrell (actor, author)

Overcoming a Scarcity Mindset

Betsy Capes (founder-president Capes Coaching), Josh Pais (actor, coach), David Maurice Sharp (financial literacy expert), Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (Positive Psychology speaker & educator)

Processing & Handling Rejection

Ariel Estrada (actor, producer), Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (Positive Psychology speaker & educator), Heidi Marshall (coach, director), Lillian Gallina, LCSW

Creative Activism: “Take Your Broken Heart, Make it Into Art”

Lisa Dent (arts administration leader), Charlotte Wells (filmmaker), Jason Odell Williams (writer, producer), Stefon Bristol (filmmaker)


Headshots & Reels

Best Practices in Creating a Reel

Darya Balyura (casting director), Ross Grossman (theatrical agent), Tanya Kleckner (theatrical agent), Rachel Rose Oginsky (casting director)

The Heads Up on Headshots

Joanna Brooks-DeGeneres (photographer), Chris Game (casting director), Peter Konerko (photographer), Rob Mainord (photographer), Lindsey Weissmueller (casting director)

The Heads Up on Headshots

Maya Adrabi (casting director, photographer), Joanna Davis (casting associate), Laurie Records (casting director), Paul Smith (photographer)

Marketing & Publicity

Digital Marketing for Entertainment Professionals

Kory Alden (CEO of ThinkBrain)

Form & Function: Creating a Unique and Agile Website

Gavin Doughtie (developer), Ellen Treanor (marketing professional), David Cosgrove (web designer), Markus Lodewyk (SAF)

Media Training Basics

Kathleen Friery (media trainer, producer) Saina Shelton (digital media expert, speaker, author) Patricia Stark (on-screen personality, speaker, author) Jess Todtfeld, CSP (media trainer, speaker, author)

Prepping for Pilot Season: Marketing

Blair Hickey (actor; co-founder, CastingAbout), Patrick Stack (producer, writer), Lance Still (entertainment executive), Dallas Travers (educator, coach)

Understanding the Role of the Publicist

Publicists: Richard Hoffman, Nicole Perez-Krueger, Jillian Roscoe

Social Media

Growing Your Social Media Following

Jessy Grossman (social media talent agent), Tony Howell (digital strategist), Heidi Dean (social media strategist), Lillian Isabella (actor, model, writer)

Tips and Tools of Twitter Etiquette

Brea Grant (actor, director, writer), Jen Lilley (actor), Daniella DiIorio (actor)

What’s New and Cool in the Social Media World?

Scott Appel (public relations professional), Beverly Macy (author, speaker), Rachael McGovern (digital marketer)

Why We Like – The Ascendancy of Social Media and How It Impacts You

Patrick Mulford (creative and strategic leader)

The Art of Authentic & Assured Self-Promotion

Q&A with Alex Newell (actor), Azia Celestino (on air host, journalist), Heidi Dean (social media strategist), Tony Howell (digital strategist)

The Business Online: Social Media Spring Cleaning

Heidi Dean (social media strategist)

Stunt Performers

General Info

Emmy Nominated Stunt Panel

Stunt performers: Julie Michaels, Peewee Piemonte, Charlie Brewer

The Business Online: Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

April Wright (filmmaker); Stunt performers: Debbie Evans, Alyma Dorsey, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez


General Info

Adapting Shakespeare for the Modern Age

Noah Brody (producer, actor writer), Andrew Goldberg (director), Melinda Hall (actor, director, producer), Tom Ridgely (director, educator)

Creating the Solo Performance

Moe Angelos (writer, performer), Joel de la Fuente (actor), Benjamin Endsley Klein (director), Monica Hunken (solo performer)

Going to the Source: The Solo Performer and the Creative Process

Writer-Performers: Moe Angelos, Danny Hoch, Dael Orlandersmith, Nilaja Sun

The New Generation of Musical Theatre

Rick Elice (playwright), Jeff Bowen (composer/lyricist), Benj Pasek (songwriter), Amanda Green (composer-lyricist), Stafford Amiri (director), Kelly Devine (choreographer).

Theatre Directors on Acting: Developing New Work

Directors: Moritz von Stuelpnagel, Colette Robert, Kel Haney, Sash Bischoff, Margot Bordelon


Audio Books

Audio Books: A Discussion with Industry Experts

Debra Deyan (producer), Mark Kondracki (director), Jason Ojalvo (entreprenuer), Jessica Kaye (entertainment attorney)

How To Get Paid for Reading Books

Scott Brick (actor), Patrick Fraley (actor, educator), Hillary Huber (actor, educator)

General Info

The Evolution of Women in Voiceover

Voiceover performers: Jessica Cannon, Lisa Fischoff, Nancy Giles, Joyce Gordon, Barbara Rosenblat

Workplace Safety

General Info

Addressing Sexual Harassment: Protection, Recourse, Recovery & Culture Change

Lillian Gallina, LCSW (social work supervisor, Actors Fund), Adam Moore (former national director, EEO & Diversity, SAG-AFTRA), Lowell Peterson (executive director, Writers Guild of America East), Lydia Pilcher (former National VP Motion Pictures, Producers Guild of America), Laura S. Schnell (attorney, Eisenberg & Schnell LLP)

Safety on Set

Monona Rossol (Industrial Hygienist), John Ford (IATSE leadership), Tim Gallin (stunt coordinator), Jim Damis (SAG-AFTRA, Director of National Field Services)

Young Performer

General Info

Excellence In Casting: 2020 Artios Awards Children’s Pilot and Series Nominees

Casting directors: Salvatore Schiavone, Krisha Bullock, Jamie Snow, Amber Horn, Danielle Aufiero, Barbie Block

Maximizing Your Professional Young Performer’s Success

Agents: Pamela Fisher, Nicole Jolley; Casting directors: Sharon Lieblein, Judy Taylor

Understanding the Coogan Law

Paula Dorn (parent of child actor), Anne Henry (parent of child actors), Tina Hookom (Tina Hookom Director of Social Services, The Actors Fund Western Region), Ina Williams (Actors Fund Unclaimed Coogan and the Looking Ahead program)

Your Young Performers Career and Social Media: A Cyber Safety Conversation

Howard Meltzer (casting director), Cindy Osbrink (theatrical agent), Jordyn Palos (publicist), Angela J. Williams (author)