Catastrophic Health Fund

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation Catastrophic Health Fund provides financial grants to eligible SAG-AFTRA members and their dependents who suffer from catastrophic illness or injury and have qualified through SAG-AFTRA Pension and Health for this program. For further information, please contact the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

The Catastrophic Health Fund application process is completely confidential.



Davidson Lloyd
Director of Assistance Programs

Support the Catastrophic Health Fund

The Catastrophic Health Fund is made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships. The Foundation never draws on SAG-AFTRA dues or initiation fees.

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The SAG-AFTRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that has been recognized among U.S. nonprofits, by both Guidestar and Charity Navigator, for its commitment to accountability and transparency. For donation purposes, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Tax ID is: 95-3967876.