Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a combination of an investment and a gift.

How It Works

The donor transfers assets (cash or securities) to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation in exchange for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s agreement to pay the donor and a survivor or beneficiary (if any) a fixed amount annually for life.

Annual payment rates and amounts are based upon the donor’s and beneficiary’s ages and the size of the gift.

Payments to the donor can begin immediately after the contract is signed or can be deferred to a predetermined future date, i.e. when the donor reaches a certain age.

If the beneficiary survives the donor, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation will continue to make payments for the life of the beneficiary.

Upon the donor’s death, the remainder is paid to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.


Please contact your financial or estate planner for further information and advice.

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation has been recognized among U.S. nonprofits, by both Guidestar and Charity Navigator, for its commitment to accountability and transparency.