FAQs Regarding Emergency Assistance

for Loss of Work Due to Production Shutdown or Strike

I'm an active, dues-paying SAG-AFTRA member. Am I eligible to apply for emergency assistance during a strike?

Dues-paying members are eligible to apply but that does not guarantee you will be eligible to receive a grant. Members must demonstrate they have been directly impacted by the work stoppage, and demonstrate their financial need by submitting tax returns, bank statements, copies of bills to be paid, and a statement describing their financial need.   

Emergency financial assistance is available for people who are unable to pay their immediate basic living expenses (housing, food, utility bills or health care). If you can cover your expenses for the next few months, we ask that you wait to apply.

What is the process for applying for Emergency Assistance?

You must first submit a completed application through the Foundation’s website. Our assistance department will reach out to you for an interview and then a committee will review all of the information and documents you provided to determine your eligibility to receive a grant. Please be sure to submit all required documentation with your application.

You will be notified by our staff if you are determined to be eligible for a grant. Processing grant payments normally takes one to two weeks but given the number of applicants and support staff available, it could take longer. When you speak to our social worker during the interview process they may be able to give you an idea of the time frame given the number of applications that are in the pipeline. 

How much will I receive?

Every application will be reviewed on an individual basis, and grant amounts will be determined based on eligibility and critical need.

How quickly will I receive the emergency financial assistance?

We are working around the clock to meet the significant need as quickly as possible, and to help those who are in the greatest crisis of need first. We ask that you please be patient once you have submitted your application. Our goal is to turn eligible applications around within 2 weeks, if not sooner.

Will I have to pay it back?

You will not have to pay back an Emergency Financial Assistance Grant from the Foundation. An Emergency Financial Assistance Grant is intended as a gift; however, please consult a tax professional if you are uncertain whether any amounts paid to you will need to be reported on your personal income tax return.

If your circumstances change down the line, and you have the means to give back to your fellow SAG-AFTRA members in urgent need, we are always grateful for donations of support to the Foundation from former recipients of this vital program.

If this strike goes on for a long time, can I apply for emergency assistance more than once?

Due to the number of members who are suffering financial hardship as a result of the strike, at this time we are only able to give one grant per member (household). Depending on the duration of the work stoppage and the amount of funds raised this may change.