The Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab features a prominent donor wall to display all of the respected industry professionals and organizations that have assisted in the building and maintaining of this state-of-the-art facility.


We thank the following donors for their support of the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab:


BSW – Broadcast Supply Worldwide

ElDorado Recording Services


Tony Rodgers

Jim Tasker

Source Elements

In Memory of Robert Bernard

MXL Microphones

Townsend Coleman

Kevin Gershan

Randy Thomas

Joe Cipriano

Paul Pape

George DelHoyo

Joshua Daugherty

Bill Ratner

DG Entertainment

Brian Lee

James Arnold Taylor

Bob Hurley

Chris Corley

Manley Laboratories, Inc.

Scott Rummell

Stew Herrera

Beau Weaver

Rino Romano

Ben Patrick Johnson

Sylvia Villagran

Shure Incorporated

Red Wall Productions

Auralex Acoustics, Inc.