Actors Programming

Frequently Asked Questions

We updated our FAQs on April 7, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our staff are all working from home and we have a limited ability to answer individual questions.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers that should help you find your way.

General Programming

Are new events still available during this shut down?

All in-person classes and panels are temporarily suspended. However, we are providing online and remote access to these programs.

Please view our program calendar for our current remote offerings.


Why don’t I see any upcoming Conversations programs?

We are currently filming Conversations at Home videos. They are being released in our video gallery and promoted to actors subscribed to our email list. To subscribe for emails, go to “My Account”, click “My Account Settings” and scroll down to the “Email Notices” section. Check the boxes for email notifications you would like to receive.

The Business

How do I access the new online programming?

Please refer to the event page details for information about how the class link will be sent to you. Some members have reported these emails ending up in their spam folder, so please check this as well. If you have still not received the link 20 minutes before scheduled class time, send us a message at and we will resend it!


Can more people participate in programs now that they are online? 

Class size is determined by staff in an effort to maintain quality control and create the best educational experience for all participants. We are constantly re-evaluating class size to see if we can serve more members. Please see our Program Calendar to see what opportunities we currently have available.


Is there any chance space will open up, or a waitlist?

All of our programs have a waitlist. If the option to join the waitlist of an event does not appear, that means the waitlist is full. We recommend that you monitor the event page, as more spaces may open up if there are cancellations. Please see our Program Calendar to see what opportunities we currently have available.


Will this class be posted online to watch at a later date?

Small Group Session classes maintain a small capacity so that the teacher can give individualized attention to each participant. We hope you will participate in this class in the future, please see our Program Calendar to see what opportunities we currently have available.


Can I have the worksheets/forms from today’s class?

Please reach out to to receive class materials. Make sure to specify which class and date you participated.


What time zone are the classes?

The start time and zone for all programs are listed on their respective event page. Please refer to this for more information.

Casting Access

Why am I being told I am ineligible for Casting Access Online?

If you are over 18 years old and are fully paid up, please email to have your application reprocessed.


Why was my Casting Access application denied?

In order for your Casting Access application to be approved, you must be a FULLY paid up and active SAG-AFTRA member, over 18 years of age, and have a complete Casting Access Profile. Members on the installment plan must have completed all installments before approval. More details can be found here.


How does the new Casting Access Online format work? Is there a specific meeting time for class?

The format of each class is dictated by the casting director host. Please refer to the event page for further details. Some classes have specific times for meeting, and others do not.


Are Casting Access Online workshops open to actors in all locations during the current pandemic? 

The format of each class is dictated by the casting director host. We are trying to make as many available to everyone as possible.


I don’t have a reader available due to the current pandemic. Are there any alternatives?

If you are alone and do not have a physical reader present feel free to use someone over the phone or Skype. Try your best to have the audio as clean and clear as possible. We are also offering remote live classes where you can perform a monologue live for a Casting Director. Please see our Program Calendar to see what opportunities we currently have available.


I don’t feel that a remote zoom class is effective. There’s no way a Casting Director can get an accurate read on an actor like this.

Due to the nature of current Casting Access programming, we are offering two formats of classes, Casting Access Online and Casting Access Remote, to best serve members. If you do not like performing via webcam, we suggest that you take a Casting Access Online class instead where performances are done via self-tape. Please see our Program Calendar to see what opportunities we currently have available.


Can we use a Vimeo link instead of YouTube?

We unfortunately cannot accept Vimeo submissions. Please see the event page for specific technical requirements.


Are these new classes Frequency Restricted?

Casting Access classes are frequency restricted unless otherwise stated. Please see each event page for class details.


Who are we supposed to email the link of our scene and headshot to for this class?

The day cancellations close, your Casting Access profile, including your headshot is sent to the Casting Director. You will also receive further instructions that day. Your video will be sent to We would suggest waiting to prepare the video until you have received the submission instructions.


I am not sure I will have a reliable internet connection for this class. Is there a way for me to log in and observe without putting up a scene?

We ask at this time that you save a space in the class for members who can participate due to class size limits.


What are the video requirements for Casting Access Online?

Internet access is required for participation. Furthermore, each participant must have a YouTube account as well as access to a video camera and the means to digitize, compress, and upload a short video to the Internet. There are no special requirements for production format, but the use of high-resolution video (HD) is recommended. If you do not have easy access to the Internet and camera equipment, you will not be able to participate.