Los Angeles and New York

On-Camera Labs

On-Camera Lab sessions are offered both in-person and virtually.

In-Person, the On-Camera Lab can be found in both our Los Angeles and New York facilities.

Virtually, the On-Camera Lab provides members with the option of having a remote space to record auditions and gain valuable experience in front of a camera with a trained technician at no cost. Sessions are booked online. Time slots are 30 minutes long. In addition, our trained staff can provide remote technical assistance to members who are setting up their own self-tape recording spaces at home.

Voiceover Labs

Our state-of-the art Voiceover Labs in Los Angeles and New York combine the professionalism and quality of a commercial recording studio with the innovation and educational focus of a classroom environment.

The Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab in Los Angeles and EIF Voiceover Lab in New York are available for in-person sessions.

Virtually, members can record voice tracks on demo reels, learn how to use audio recording software, and train with top voiceover instructors, all through the world wide web. In addition, we offer a virtual tech help desk where members can have their home audio questions answered by our audio engineers.

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