Malcolm McDowell Engages in ‘Conversations’

February 13, 2009

Malcolm McDowell smallDiscussing a career that has seen him by turns terrifying, charming, hilarious, tormented and sometimes all of the above, Malcolm McDowell treated an audience of Screen Actors Guild members to a two-hour SAG Foundation Conversations event in February which brought not only humor and vitality but also a refreshing perspective to the full house of rapt attendees.

“This guy lives like he wants to, he’s worked with the greats, and still calls himself a ‘working actor’. I have nothing but respect for him and he had me in stitches,” enthused actor Mario Gandolfo.

McDowell’s “working actor” status is evidenced by a prolific, diverse and acclaimed career. Early on, the Royal Shakespeare Company veteran’s embodiment of “Alex” in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange startled filmgoers as a counter-cultural icon, leading to a list of over one hundred feature film credits as well as countless stage appearances and television roles (most recently in HBO’s Entourage).

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