Celebrate the Actor!

December 4, 2009

2011cpd_0Since 1985, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and sustaining programs that honor actors in their profession as well as in daily life. From inviting established professionals to share their experiences (Conversations, LifeRaft, Casting Access Project) to preserving the actor’s livelihood in times of need (Emergency Assistance, Catastrophic Health Fund, Self-Pay Assistance) to honoring the importance of learning (John L. Dales Scholarship Fund, Children’s Literacy Initiatives), the Foundation has been there to provide support for actors as artists with the power to entertain as well as improve the world around them.

We ask you to celebrate the Foundation. A separate organization from the Guild, the SAG Foundation is funded entirely through grants and donations, so we’d like you to consider the countless lives you can help by supporting our efforts.

You can click the pink “Donate Now” button on the front page of our website to make your contribution right now. You also have the options of donating whenever paying your SAG dues, donating your residuals and supporting the Foundation through Planned Giving opportunities, detailed on our website’s “Get Involved” page.

We hope you’ll continue celebrating with us. At the SAG Foundation, you’re all guests of honor.