Staff Spotlight: Natalie Rogers

October 25, 2010

NatalieNatalie Rogers (Florida Program Director, Children’s Literacy Initiative) puts her heartfelt stamp on the importance of learning for parents, educators and children, earning awards and support for the Foundation’s literacy efforts (recently, Disney’s Helping Kids Shine grant).

The Syracuse, NY native received her undergraduate and graduate education from Syracuse University and began her teaching career as a student there. The dedicated educator also taught at Florida’s Pace Center for Girls, where she created the individual curriculum for girls grades 6-12.

It was while teaching at University of Central Florida that Natalie began working for BookPALS part-time, after having answered an ad in the classifieds. Enlisting the help of friends in UCF’s Theatre Department to serve as volunteer readers, the enthusiastic coordinator did a tremendous job of putting “Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools.”

Now the Program Director for Florida’s Children’s Literacy Initiative continues to show gratitude for the volunteers who help keep literacy fun for children.

“They’re phenomenal, heartwarming people. We just had our back-to-school gathering, and they rejuvenate and excite me.”

Of literacy, Natalie calls it “Fundamental. You can find books that complement any subject… if you can make any part of education fun for children, you’ve got them hook, line and sinker!”