Troupers Tell it Like it Is

December 2, 2010

TroupersimagecpdThe SAG Foundation is thrilled to have been part of a truly historic evening, welcoming the filmmakers and cast members of Troupers following a screening of Saratoga Ballantine and Dea Lawrence’s entertaining, involving documentary at the Actors Center on November 12th.

Troupers, which interviews twelve of America’s most enduring and hard-working actors – all over eighty years old – details the strength, smarts, perseverance and humor that have allowed a rare breed of journeyman actor to overcome seemingly insurmountable struggles ranging from poverty to the Hollywood blacklist.

For a rousing Q&A, Ballantine (daughter of the late Ceil Cabot and Carl Ballantine, who is also featured in Troupers) and Lawrence were joined by veteran actors Bruce Kirby, Betty Garrett, Jane Keane, Ivy Bethune, Allan Rich, Connie Sawyer, Pat Carroll and Marvin Kaplan.

To watch a portion of the evening’s excitement, click here.