Best Actor Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne Gives Back to His Peers

February 25, 2015 | by Karen Levy


Before any actor can even begin to dream of winning an Academy Award, the first major step to reaching the Hollywood dream is by becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild, or as they say in Tinseltown, getting your SAG-AFTRA card. However, for many actors becoming a member of SAG-AFTRA doesn’t just mean an increase in day-player wages, it also gives them a place to give back to their community of fellow thespians. So when SAG, Golden Globe, and, most recently, Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne was asked to donate his time to film a public service announcement for the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation’s 30-year mark, he immediately answered the call.

The approximately 90-second long PSA video will be used to raise awareness and support for the foundation’s free educational and assistance programs for guild members as well as take part in children’s literacy programs around the country. The video also features SAG award winners Laverne Cox, Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, Felicity Jones, Andy Serkis, Zach Braff, Jenny Slate, Judith Light, Anthony Anderson, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

SAG-AFTRA card-carrying member or not, show your support and watch the PSA by clicking on the image at top.