Leonardo DiCarpio Received Actors Inspiration Award, “The Best Is Yet To Come”

November 6, 2015

Foodworldnews.com | By Joie Balboa


SAG-AFTRA Foundation

It has been two decades for the career of Leonardo DiCarpio.

Thursday, within his career’s counting years the 40-year-old actor believes that ‘the best is yet to come’ after accepting a prestigious Actors Inspiration Award at SAG Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Celebration held in Beverly Hills.

A twinkle in his blue eyes was seen as the actor addressed his speech to his peers looking elegant in his charcoal-grey suit, crisp white shirt and blue and grey patterned tie.

The brilliant actor was honored for his movie profession and his generosity being the chairman of the Leonardo DiCarpio Foundation, which goes all-out to care for biodiversity by increasing understanding about climate change.

‘I accept this with the belief my work is just beginning,’ Leonardo said from the stage.

The actor started his career as the gangling star of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape before moving on top by doing more mature, romantic roles in Titanic, Romeo and Juliet and The Beach.

He was the vague brave man – and anti-hero – in Blood Diamond and the unusually intelligent kid turned Hollywood hotshot Howard Hughes in Aviator. He also portrayed Calvin Candie, a plantation owner in Django Unchained.

Leonardo freshly accomplished his latest film “The Reverent”, and looked so sharp with his close-cropped beard and mustache.

The celebrity – who was believed to be an ‘old sport’ in a bunch of films from director Baz Luhrmann – was definitely among friends.

Mark Ruffalo was the presenter of the award, standing at the side while Leonardo gave thanks to his peers.

‘Lots of love between @markruffalo and #ActorsInspiration honoree @leonardodicaprio. #SAGF30,’ the SAG Foundation Twitter page revealed.

The Patron Of The Arts Award was received by Lee Daniels, Megan Ellison and Rob Marshall.

“The three ‘really have an impact on the lives of actors because of their breadth of work and the job opportunities that they’ve created, “SAG Foundation Executive Director Cyd Wilson told Variety.