Testimonials from Arizona BookPALS

June 11, 2015

I’m so glad I’m a BookPAL and partnering with so many others.  It is so good to know that we can share in those wonderful moments of connection, seeing our kids discover first-hand that reading is fun, not just because we read to them, but because we ourselves are having so much fun doing it!

Don Livesay- reads to 6th graders at Galveston School in Chandler


No, I’m not sick. I woke up this morning thinking “I can’t wait to read to my kids again!”
Yesterday was my second visit to two first grade classes at Maryland Elementary School. It’s going very well. Both teachers are involved with my book choices and I’ve begun to develop a relationship with the school librarian, who is very helpful. I would absolutely do this every day if I could. Thank you for including me in this program!

Carol Mayka – reads to 1st graders at Maryland Elementary in Phoenix


Well today was my last day to read to my 2nd grade classroom. Next week school ends and they have field trips planned. The weeks and months flew by. The teacher surprised me with this beautiful, thoughtful gift. An original piece of art..all the children’s thumbprints!So since October I read them over 70 books! The awesome words I heard as we said goodbye …  “I love books!” and “I want to fill my bookshelf with books.” “I’m going to read a lot this summer.”

Linda Kranz, BookPAL, Author, Flagstaff AZ

Linda Kranz Thank you from students